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Rollins does a voice-over of humorous/sarcastic open letters he has written to celebrities and politicians.Rollins gives a sarcastically exaggerated "positive" speech, interspersed with humorous imagery (often photo manipulations), in which Rollins "reconsiders" a fad or issue he actually disapproves of.

The ACORN thing is a good try on Mc Cain's behalf, but no one's buying it. So, I do think that they'll have to resort to cheating to try and win, or at least make it a close election, because I think Barack is pulling away.

What's the first thing you're going to do when Bush leaves office?

That doesn't really affect the show, but I didn't want to be sitting at home or at the office with this one last shot to be onstage while he's in office, because he and I have done so much time together.

The reason I called the tour "Recountdown" is that I think we're counting down to the next big argument. If it were truly a fair election, it probably wouldn't be, but I think the Republicans, truth be known, cheat.

Well, what's there to party with, everything is broken? In either case, I cannot sleep on the job, as far as my country is concerned.

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