Ryan and baya still dating

Ya know, she made a decision that because I love her, I have to respect and ya know...was there for me when we were filming this movie, we were still together so I hope she's feeling this energy right now, because it's all happening, here we are.

The speculation was fuelled even more when Meg, 52, and John, 63, were spotted enjoying a stroll together in Manhattan's So Ho neighbourhood last week. The pair started dating almost immediately after John announced his divorce from his ex-wife model Elaine Irwin in December 2010.

" "I'm very happy with the time I've spent with Meg Ryan," he added.

The rocker and his former partner have two sons together, with John also fathering three other children from his previous two marriages.

Meg, meanwhile, is mother to 22-year-old son Jack from her actor husband of ten years Dennis Quaid.

April 14, 2016 Ryan dedicated his 1,000th post to his fiancé, announcing on Instagram that he and Dove were engaged. Both Dove and Ryan removed their "The Girl and The Dreamcatcher" references from their Twitter and Instagram bios.

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