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A conscious vow never to audition for stereotypical Indian roles limited Ramamurthy's employment opportunities early on, but his integrity paid off within a few years.

After a string of notable television guest starring roles on such high-profile hits as "Grey's Anatomy" (ABC, 2005- ) and the British actioner, "Ultimate Force" (ITV-1, 2002-06), Ramamurthy finally got his big break in 2006 when he landed the coveted role of Dr.

His roles as geneticist Mohinder Suresh in Heroes and Jai Wolcox in Covert Affairs are well appreciated. He had different career aspirations early however, his interest in acting grew during junior year of graduation and he chose acting for his career.

He has already appeared in numbers of Hollywood films including Bollywood movie too.

Read more » One of prime time television's few actors of Indian descent, Sendhil Ramamurthy built his career on defying stereotypes.

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