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In the bedroom, packets and empty cartons covered the beds.Rubbish was strewn across the floor and was piled so high that it reached the window sills.

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Their indifference, verging on hostility, is not surprising.

Most of these children have been working as prostitutes and have encountered Western males in rather different circumstances.

The drama, called Saigon Baby, could be about the illegitimate baby of one of thechildren at the Bahay Tuluyan.

In fact, it is set in Bangkok and Saigon, but the authorities there were not prepared to allow the filming of a story dealing with the twin subjects of child prostitution and baby smuggling.

From 2001 to 2006, Murray Gordon Waller was the Executive Director of the Alabama Safety Institute, Inc. This was a court referral program that monitored young men placed on formal probation by the court.

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