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2 “Vistas” (1988-89): “My second string quartet, ‘Vistas,’ is a work cast in a traditional four-movement formal mold, with the outer movements, presenting and later returning to the work’s principal musical materials, surrounding a slow movement and a scherzo-type third movement.

While the proper name of the four movements are and give some indication of the general character of the individual movements, I have also subtitled, less formally, each movement as follows: 1) Concentric: from the inside out; 2) Stasis; 3) Flashes; 4) Vista. commission to a Soviet chamber group since the 1985 Reagan/Gorbachev accord.

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Commissioned by Song Fest 20th Anniversary with generous support by the Sorel Organization.

Dedicated to Janet Loranger and in loving memory to Marcia Brown.

We couldn’t be more excited to kick off our twentieth anniversary season by premiering a new quartet by our dear friend and colleague, Shulamit Ran.

Shulamit is a longtime collaborator and colleague of ours from our residency at the University of Chicago. This piece and the inspiration behind it are so compelling and meaningful that we felt it was essential to dedicate our latest blog entry to serving as a resource for this piece and our performances of it.

She actively pursues research and scholarship in music theory, and plans to begin her graduate studies in music theory in fall 2017.

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