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You may wonder about how active you can be and even how long you will live. Health care screening for men who have sex with men.

If you had hoped to marry or remarry, you may not want to involve a partner in an uncertain future.

It appears that women have little tolerance for their men when they have ED problems or other related trouble in getting hard while in bed.

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Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, but assuming that we would not want our emotional and mental well-being to hinge on a miracle, is it worth the risk?

But this is not what the recovering addict is thinking about.

We need to be sympathetic and understanding to her; yet, she will not be so when the man has problems.

It sounds like you’ve been on the receiving end of some judgment, yes?

He’s impossibly rich, and his lady-friend could model for a living, and possibly does. Because, you know, you just can’t find a decent dude in this city. Luisita Lopez Torregrosa, writing in Politics Daily, called the ratio of men to women “scarily in favor of men,” and advised ladies to “go West—San Diego, Dallas, and Seattle.

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