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Birger says the imbalance is also exacerbated by New York’s large population of gay males.Some 9 to 12 percent of men in Manhattan are gay, according to Gary Gates, a demographics expert at UCLA’s Williams to me that everything is working according to stiff schemes, the first date, the second date, before the third you are not supposed/allowed to do certain things, and then the 'exclusivity' that you ask your partner... i met girls that do not even make the move to pay, some of them say "thanks for the evening" some not even say that.

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Hi girls and guys i have been lurking for a while, living in NY since few months. that everyone goes out with 4 different boys/girls every week?

I have been told so many things about how the dating scene here works, that if i had heard from Carrie of the Sex&the City i would have never believed... and do the guys pay every single time for every date????

They might get upset if you persistently call and text because you thought your make-out encounter was something special. I don’t have a published book nor am I in a relationship right now, but so far I have written a book and been dumped in a nearly-perfect relationship.

There’s always the “there are so many people here so I’m bound to meet someone next weekend” attitude, but that attitude gets kinda tiring after dozens of weekends in a row with hoards of new faces. Apparently, some people associate dating sites with shame. The reason is beyond me, but just for any naysayers who persist on feeling ashamed of their stints on various dating sites, it is no longer trashy.

The ones that include NYC also claim some New Jersey, maybe a little Pennsylvania, Long Island, etc. Let’s hop across the East River for a moment – in the 20-34 range up above, Williamsburg has a few more men and Greenpoint has a few more ladies, but if we adjust down to 20-29 the picture changes a wee bit. Hip, single, straight, female twentysomethings: you are doomed. Going back to the Chinatown-makes-Lower-Manhattan-blue observation, let’s examine the Outer Boroughs to see if we can find a trend…

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