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Other interests include hiking kayaking, bike riding, watching LSU football, and baseball and listening to live music. Bachelor of Science, Construction Management Louisiana State University Good Counsel Apartments Metairie Park Country Day School Expansion Roderick August has been with RGGC since the very beginning and he brings to our organization a fierce loyalty and excellent carpentry skills.

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Recognizing that his interests aligned more in the commercial field, he recently joined RGGC as an Assistant Project Manager and is looking forward to this change.

As a native of Covington, LA, it is no surprise that hunting and fishing head the top of his hobby list and is a card carrying member of Ducks Unlimited.

This word seems to have come from the same source by two different routes.

It derives ultimately, from the Latin for heel, calx, and most likely comes from the trampling technique to consolidate earthworks.

The Welsh word 'cawsai' translates directly to the English word 'causeway'; it is possible that, with Welsh being a lineal linguistic descendant of the original native British tongues, the English word derives from the Welsh.

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