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She was flirting with internationally famous wizard athletes at age fourteen. ” Katniss isn't here for any of this cutesy love triangle nonsense. I mean, I guess you can extend this to a metaphor about being truthful and not hiding your past from your partner...

She waited until Ron was a mature young man who cared about social justice before making out with him. Sure, she's got two hunky guys trailing around after her, but, as Katniss says, "I can survive just fine without either of them." She likes Gale and Peeta well enough, but she's not interested in being an object that they can fight over. but also do not lock your wife in an attic, even if you don't want to be married to her anymore.

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” I swore I was leaving tomorrow and he said, “Don’t swear.

He did my laundry six nights ago and said today, “You just can’t leave, can you? One with every beer, why you think I keep staying here? I’d been told I had to go to the Matisse museum in Nice.

Do you find yourself wishing for the kind of sweeping love stories you find in books? you might want to reread some of those books, because fictional romances are usually a mess.

Now, to be clear, I'm not suggesting that you follow is a great love story, for example, but I cannot quite advocate faking your own death as a solution to all your dating woes (even if your local friar thinks it'll be cool).

But if you're still looking for that kind of larger-than-life, literary romance, here is some tried and true dating advice from a few of your favorite fictional characters.

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