Updating database with datagrid in

NET so I would suggest you do some reading on working with data in .

i mean when the query is executed and selected data is retrieved if the user wants to update something he/she can do it at the datagrid in which value is being displayed.... there are really many ways to work with data and in a lot of times it is a developer preference to work one way or another.

From your question, I can see that might be new to working with ADO.

just working on the something lately need help i m again stuck here....

i m retrieving values from database using datagrid and i want to update the database using that similar datagrid but somehow i m having trouble, can anyone guide me how to do that.....

etc) I think (from my short experience) the simplest way to read and write data from and to data source is to use a Data Adapter to read the data into a dataset and then set the dataset as the datasource for a gridview where a user can edit.

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