Updating favicon dating jewellery clasps

Next you should publish to make the favicon live on your site, though there's a good chance that it won't show up in your own browser right away upon publish.

This is because favicons are cached very strongly by browsers, and publishing your site doesn't update that cache immediately.

Every webpage has a favicon—a small identifying image that can appear in tabs, the address bar, and bookmark pages depending on the browser.

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I know that ctrl shift r is definitely NOT a 100% solution though.

Favicons are not stored in the cache, they're stored in one of the SQLite databases. This is a good thing since all your bookmarks would lose their icons until you visited them again.

I posted a bug-report about this behavior a while back, so they may or may not have fixed it. If you don't have that, the favicon seems to get stuck in limbo - and is not associated with the page's cache.

I think that's the reason why, anyway, but I'm not 100% sure.

Have you ever noticed a small image on your browser's tab while visiting a site?

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