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(only one column in the file) but while((fscanf(fin,"%ld %ld",&data[0],&data[1])) == 1) is not working and giving just last value of both column.

I am going through setting up Solarwinds Virtual Manager and needed to enable SNMP on my v Sphere 5.5 hosts.

#include "pool Table.h" /** Initialize the pool Table table by defining its contents and how it's structured */ int initialize_table_pool Table(void) void init_pool Table(void) int pool Table_handler(netsnmp_mib_handler *handler, netsnmp_handler_registration *reginfo, netsnmp_agent_request_info *reqinfo, netsnmp_request_info *requests) void fill Table With Values(netsnmp_table_data_set *table_set,int i,int Value1,int Value2) //end Fill Da Path Table Up() /******************************************************** ************************************************************* 1 567 2 456 3 578 4 688 5 790 6 378 *************************************************************/ Above is my code for ‘table’.

I am compiling it as a “subagent” which is getting data from a file.

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