updating drivers windows xp - Updating the jar file

The TZUpdater tool is provided to allow you to update installed Java Development Kit (JDK) and Java Runtime Environment (JRE) software with more recent timezone data, to accommodate daylight saving time (DST) changes in different countries.

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I'll really appreciate it if anyone can please help me figure out what I need to do here to make this thing update from the first run itself? Turned out I had not closed the Jar File I was reading from. I'll try that Input Stream() and see if I get anything.

Although I still don't understand why it worked properly 2nd time onwards! I was wondering if you could please explain to me how to get the std output from the commands?

The entity that makes these possible is the MANIFEST. This file can be located by first extracting the contents of the JAR file using a standard Zip or 7Zip software. MF resides in the META-INF folder within the JAR file.

it can be opened and inspected using any text editor program.

A version of TZUpdater tool for updating the current version of Oracle’s Java Runtime Enviroment is available in Oracle Technology Network - Java SE Download Page.

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