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We all understand the definitions of those terms and accept them as a part of our generation but they are all so incredibly stupid when you really take the time to think about it.We run around being so scared to commit to one person so saying you're just "talking" or have " a thing" is a lot more casual, no crazy meaningful label.

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According to Huddah, the two met when she was on her way to the salon, after which they became very good friends.

Their ‘friendship’ was rosy for a while as Prezzo came through for her after her BBA stint and offered her a roof over her head.

If you don’t have a relationship, then it’s hard to be breaking the rules of that relationship.

So no, unless the pair of you agreed to be in a relationship together, it’s not cheating, since you weren’t together.

I think she should have just ended there but the march was unnecessary.” Still talking about politics.

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