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“Andrew got me a baby cockatoo for Christmas,” Lee told The Post. But first she has to pick a name for her darling baby bird, whom she swaddles in a cloth diaper to keep warm and feeds formula with a tiny dropper.She’s narrowed it down to four — Journey, Hudson, Madison or Phoenix.

Andrew Cuomo's longtime girlfriend, Sandra Lee, refused to let House Speaker Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) join her Fox News cooking segment on Tuesday, reportedly telling him, "I need you to go away." Lee, a Democrat and celebrity chef, was unhappy to learn Ryan would be staying on "Fox & Friends" after an interview to taste her Mother's Day menu of coffee cake, chocolate cupcakes, and chocolate-covered bacon, reported.

Cuomo's longtime girlfriend did not hide her feelings about Ryan.

The news was likely met with celebration at the Kennedy household; it was rumored that the “first family of American politics” were not very keen on Cuomo and his own bloodline.

Sandra Lee and Andrew Cuomo have been living together since 2011 in Westchester County, New York, in a home referred to as the “Lilly Pond.” Their relationship has been especially notable for Cuomo always being–and staying–at his girlfriend’s side, in particular during the previously mentioned breast cancer diagnosis and following procedures.

"Breast cancer is not something you go through alone, I was very lucky I have Andrew," she said in 2016. "I was a founding board member of Los Angeles chapter," she explained.

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