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Temple (John Ortiz) and Principal James (Alfre Woodard).

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25 years ago (in December), one of our favorite childhood films “Hook” first graced the silver screen.

And while superstars like Robin Williams, Julia Roberts, and Dustin Hoffman perfectly tackled their iconic Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, and Captain Hook roles, respectively, we were also introduced to a new era of Lost Boys.

As well as see him single handedly put the morale of a movie set, easily hundreds of people, on his shoulders and kept everyone laughing as they worked long hours for what seemed like months on end…' Wow.

We just can't imagine the pain everyone feels at the news.

The production company was lucky enough to catch up with Dante Basco, Raushan Hammond, James Madio, Ryan Francis, Thomas Tulak, Isaiah Robinson, Ahmad Stoner, Bo Georghe, and Brett and Bryan Willis to snag a bunch of photos and interview them about their experiences!

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