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The two-residence compound is part of a discreet and little-known cooperative-style enclave cleaved to the steep bank of the Hudson River just below the George Washington Bridge.

Although it does appear that one of the houses was acquired in 1998 for 0,000, property records aren’t explicit about exactly when or how much Mister Rivera paid for either the two homes that are being sold together even though they’re separated by a narrow lane.

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The mullet-style main house has a low profile, single-story street façade that belies its four stories that step down the steep hillside to the river’s edge.

A loft-like main living/dining and kitchen space on the uppermost entry-level has a partly glass ceiling and has been custom-fitted as if it were a yacht with built-in dining banquette, lacquered and wood-paneled wall treatments, custom built-ins and a compact but well-stocked galley-style kitchen.

But 'people are coming to take my wallpaper' is something a crazy person says.

Rivera, a former civil rights lawyer, calls the lyric referencing him "benign" and claims that the repeated use of an "us against them mentality" between minority youth and police offers is "the worst role-model. He argues that it would be better for rappers and activists to "work around" racism, rather than try and abolish it, and suggested that issues within the black community are what cause the "real problems". "Look at the example of Barack and Michelle Obama, be like them." [Rivera omitted the fact that Barack Obama is a huge Kendrick fan, as is the artist of the former US President.] He also read out a list of tracks by various hip hop stars and criticised them for how they portrayed violence and negative relationships between law enforcement and the black community. ’ as an example of the positive message he wants to see in hip hop, then argues that a 15-year-old growing up in south Chicago would be hurt more by Lamar's lyrics than by systemic racism.

The others far more egregious, with them, indoctrinating young people with the message that the cops are the enemy, that there’s no good way to get ahead,” Rivera said.

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