dating in a new city - Who is richard simmons dating

I used to miss NYC with a longing and affection like an old girlfriend.

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In a hurry to lose weight, he did so in an unhealthy way and lost much of his hair as well.

This incident motivated him to encourage others to lose weight by shedding kilos in a phased, healthy manner so that no other unpleasant side effects arise.

But his cryptic appearance has some people worried about the fitness guru!

The cryptic photograph shows an exceptionally pale Simmons sporting a pink penguin tee and looking extra thin -- hair included!

Friends and family were so alarmed they called the police, who did a welfare check in January, but the cops say Richard was lucid and relaxed. although Richard hasn't shown up at his exercise studio for well over a year, when you call the number it sounds like Richard may always return the next day ...

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