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Steve Nash announced his retirement from the NBA on Saturday in an article in The Players' Tribune.

Nash had a great 19-year career that included eight All-Star games, three times being named first-team All-NBA, and twice winning the NBA's Most Valuable Player award.

He’s been awful for me the last two years, just f**king awful.

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When it goes on longer, and I keep getting nasty emails from him, I’m done. David has ripped the heart out of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young …

The truth is, after being totally immersed in me and David and Stephen and Neil’s music, I’m done. In 2014, personality conflicts with Crosby evidently drove Neil Young out of the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young iteration of the band.

Fan Asylum website for only the second time in 2013.

In a lengthy and extremely touching blog post, he revealed that he fell in love with a woman who ended up succumbing to cancer, and that he himself suffered a recent cancer scare." data-reactid="19"Former Journey singer Steve Perry has opened up to fans on his Fan Asylum website for only the second time in 2013.

"In May of 2011, I was with Patty Jenkins in an editing room as she was putting the final editing touches on what was to be the closing segment of a Lifetime Channel breast cancer special called 'Five,'" he recalled.

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