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Birth control pills are made of hormones that help prevent the ovaries from releasing an egg, and change your mucus to make it harder for sperm to reach eggs.

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To do this you might want to explore: Masturbation on your own or with a partner Exploring fantasies Sex advice books can offer ideas you might like Mapping your body: Draw an outline of your body (front and back) and colour in where you love being touched and what parts are off limits.

Alternatively you can use a ‘traffic light’ system where you use stickers or colours of red (stop), amber (so-so) and green (let’s go!

Iran borders Armenia, Azerbaijan (including its Nakhichevan exclave), and Turkmenistan to the north, Pakistan and Afghanistan to the east, and Turkey and Iraq to the west.

In addition, it borders the Persian Gulf, across which lie Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. Throughout its history, Iran has been of great geostrategic importance due to its central location in Eurasia.

So you think your husband’s greedy and he thinks you’re grudging, eh?

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